What’s in a typical Inspection Report?

  • Observations

    What did we see? This section of our report identifies your specific structural issues, measurements and readings, and any other key evidence related to the problems we were hired to investigate.

  • Analysis

    Why are the structural issues occurring? Our inspectors are trained to never leave an inspection until they have identified the most likely sources of the problems at hand. This section of our report puts together all the pieces of the puzzle to reveal the big picture about why your structural issues are occurring. This may be the most important part of what we do since it allows not only the problem, but also the source of the problem, to be addressed to help prevent future damage.

  • Recommendations

    What should be done to repair or mitigate further damage? In this section, specificity is key. Here is where we identify exactly what should be done by you or your contractor to address the structural issues. 10 contractors will give you 10 different solutions to fix your problems. The recommendations section of our report allows you to get “apples to apples” quotes from contractors to get the job done right the first time.

  • Photos

    Black and white is just plain boring. Our reports contain full color photos that are referenced throughout the observations section so you’re not left guessing about what we saw.

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